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We are creating a unique experience, Bethshean is a unique community. Some would consider us prosperous. But, we that prosperity is a relative thing. Some of my best times have been when I had very little money but lots of freedom and time to follow my interests. The individual must find for themselves the balance of having and needing in their life. Some needing is a good thing, it keeps one moving forward.

one needs to be their own leader and not a blind follower. If you follow blindly, you will spend your time and money fulfilling a strangers dreams and needs

The Guidelines of Community Government

Guidelines are the basic principles that guide the governing of a Bethshean community. When I was a student in the public school system they repeatedly told us that they were making us better citizens.

What does it mean to be a better citizen of the nations, and the communities we live within. What are the obligations that we owe to our community, and what should we expect from our community? That is what we seek to define here.

We are always discussing concepts as they apply to the real world, and in real world situations. Then we test these principles, in our daily lives, and in real circumstances.

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