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We are creating a unique experience, bethshean is a unique community. Some would consider us prosperous. But, we that prosperity is a relative thing. Some of my best times have been when I had very little money but lots of freedom and time to follow my intrests. The individual must find for themselves the balence of having and needing in their life. Some needing is a good thing, it keeps one moving forward.

one needs to be their own leader and not a blind follower. If you follow blindly, you will spend your time and money fulfilling a strangers dreams and needs


Eden was the first Bethshean fellow community. It was considered in 1984, that communities could form that had a fundamental focus that was different from Bethshean.

Eden was formed in 1986, based on new age Christianity. The membership was unified by a common religious belief. The community was a tool for personal growth, a monoculture dedicated to Christian enlightenment. Creating a safe environment for focusing on spiritual teaching, and the development of the spiritual gifts.

A problem with a theocracy is that if you leave the church, you must also leave the community. Another problem is how does one regulate visitors to the community, such as family, friends, or representatives from other communities. Should a member face sanctions for behaviors outside the community?


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