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We are creating a unique experience, bethshean is a unique community. Some would consider us prosperous. But, we that prosperity is a relative thing. Some of my best times have been when I had very little money but lots of freedom and time to follow my intrests. The individual must find for themselves the balence of having and needing in their life. Some needing is a good thing, it keeps one moving forward.

one needs to be their own leader and not a blind follower. If you follow blindly, you will spend your time and money fulfilling a strangers dreams and needs


Polyfi was created in 1989, I proposed it from two ideas. First was the concerns that HIV was spreading worldwide, and had many factors in its favor that yelled major epidemic. Second, there was a couple I knew in the mid 1970's who practiced polyamory, and described it like an extended family. This brought me to the idea of a community that traded or shared partners in small groups within the community. The concept of polyfidelity seems harder to accept than others for some people. Polyfi was never fully developed as a community, but has continued in concept.As a fellow community to Bethshean. Helping to resolve issues of intercommunity dealings.

After the trouble that the residents of the Yearning for Zion Ranch (YFZ) ranch experienced in 2008. There was renewed interest in the possibility of polyfidelity as a central theme of a community. With the large numbers of members of the FLDS and LDS (secretly) practicing polygyny, it has become more real to those studying modern utopian communities. We consider the Bethshean model workable for a stable FLDS or LDS poly community. So far there has not been a community developed for these groups, but I think there should be. I personally would like to see what develops.

Polyfi's little sister. Poly G

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