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We are creating a unique experience, bethshean is a unique community. Some would consider us prosperous. But, we that prosperity is a relative thing. Some of my best times have been when I had very little money but lots of freedom and time to follow my intrests. The individual must find for themselves the balence of having and needing in their life. Some needing is a good thing, it keeps one moving forward.

one needs to be their own leader and not a blind follower. If you follow blindly, you will spend your time and money fulfilling a strangers dreams and needs


Bethshean is the second theoretical community. It is a more in-depth analysis of what it means to be community, and what it takes to form a stable, healthy community. Started in 1983. Some of the concepts arrived at, have been tried in the real world, Which is part of the idea of Bethshean. Translating the theoretical to practical. We have created local adoptive food banks, private charities, and cooperative daycare.

There is no point in going further into Bethshean here because it is covered elsewhere.

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